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FlexPetz Update: The Plot Sickens

My quest to stay on top of the Flexpetz controversy has brought to light a juicy side story that, while not 100% animal related, will certainly be of interest to anyone following the strange battle to ban a pet rental company from the state! An actual, genuine “hot tip” from a first hand source led me to discover the following facts:

Simon Brodie and Marlena Cervantes: Not Just Business Partners
If you’ve been following the blog you already know that while a woman named Marlena Cervantes has been reported as the owner of flexpetz, the man originally named owner, and current behind-the-scenes operator is a guy named Simon Brodie.

While both parties initially denied Mr. Brodie’s involvement in Flexpetz (despite his name on the original SEC paperwork) he’s been widely named as true CEO. NOW, it’s been confirmed that Marlena and Simon are actually an item and have been romantically linked for quite some time. So much for not mixing business with pleasure!

Simon Brodie: Bigger Fish to Fry
Seems while Marlena is being thrown to the dogs (pun intended) and widely vilified, Simon has been using his anonymity to seek out his next big conquest. Simon and Marlena have been widely seen around Big Sky Montana, where Simon has been using the assumed name Simon Carradan. His new angle is very similar in tone to the Hypo-allergenic cat venture: sell an over priced product: the most expensive Skis in the world. Thus is born Carradan Skis.

However some consumers have alleged that these skis are a mere pipe-dream.

Initial suspicion was raised on some ski blogs about the chintzy quality of the Carradan website and the lack of an actual street address, but people on the ground in Big Sky have reported there’s no address because there’s no working office.

Good News, Bad News:
While the Cat people who fought Simon over the Ashera Cat, as well as the Dog people fighting Flexpetz, may take some solace in the fact he’s moving on to non-animal related mischief, it’s frustrating that the cycle continues. Members of the ski community are already crying “caveat emptor!” about this new product.

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