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Parish Cafe



       It seems as if we haven’t seen the sun in weeks.  And it feels like even longer since I have been out to eat with my Riley.  But, when a nice sunny weekend decides to appear, you will find Riley and I at the Parish Cafe for Lunch.        

       Located on Boylston Streen in Boston, Riley and I have only been there once before with one of my good friends and her chocolate lab Missy.  It was a total accident when we found this Cafe.  One sunny Saturday, we took the pups on a T ride into Boston to walk around the Public Garden.  After walking around for about an hour we walked around the corner onto Boylston Street and saw the Parish Cafe.  I was pretty exhausted from holding Riley back from trying to run after the ducks so we decided to have a seat on the outdoor patio and grab a bite.  The service was really great and they were happy to bring water for our thirsty pups.  We ordered a couple sandwiches that I couldn’t get over!  We learned that the sandwiches were created by a famous local chef which I thought was pretty cool.  The prices weren’t too expensive but not super cheap either.  Riley and I will definitely be back if we ever see the sun again.

Happy eating!

361 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 247-4777

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Larz Anderson Park


       Recently, Riley and I were visiting some friends around the Brookline area.  We are no strangers to Brookline so I was pretty surprised to learn about a park I had never heard of before, Larz Anderson Park.  Our friends, who have two yellow labs said we need to check it out, so we leashed up the pups and walked over to 23 Newton Street.

       Wow! This park is very cool.  As we walked around the park the first thing I noticed was the beautiful gazebo, and the more we walked around to more we loved it.  The park also had a pond with fish swimming around in it, Riley was trying desperately to go after them but I had to restrain her, can’t disturb the fish, picnic areas, and Chinese, Japanese, and Italian gardens as well.  The stone bridges were also beautiful.  We didn’t let the pups off leash because there were a lot of little kids around.  Now with school out, there are kids here pretty often so if you would like to check out Larz Anderson Park, I would suggest coming early in the morning or later in the evening so its isn’t too crowded. 

23 Newton Street
Brookline, MA 02446

(617) 739-7518

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Freedom Trail


Every evening Riley and I go out for a walk and we meet new people and new pups just about everyday.  More recently we have been meeting people that have just moved to the Boston area.  Which made me think that they probably would like to know some of the history that Boston has to offer.   And I bet even existing Bostonians could use a refreshing course.
The Freedom Trail is a great way to take a self guided tour with your pup and get to know our great city.  The trail starts at the Visitor Information Center on the Boston Common and the red brick/painted line takes visitor to 16 Historical sites, including the Old South Meeting House, the Boston Massacre site, and the Paul Revere House.  The trail usually takes 2 to 3 hours but if you stop to take in each exhibit, a full day can be spent on the trail.  If you plan to go on a warm day I would suggest bring bottled water and a traveling bowl for your pup, and of course plenty of waste bags!

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             One of the my favorite things to do when the weather starts to get warm and sunny out is go shopping!  So when I arrived home the other day after doing a little shopping for myself, I notice that Riley has had the same collar for quite some time now.  I’m not the only one that wants to look stylish on our walks, Riley does too! 
       I came across a website called Bowchies.  Their collars and harnesses were super cute and they were just what Riley was looking for.  I have told a lot of my friends about this site already, especially my friends with extra large pups.  They are always complaining to me that they can never find collars or harnesses that will fit their dogs.  Well, Bowchies will custom make a harnesses or collar so that your large pup can look just as good as the little guys.

       If you want to see some of what they have to offer in person, their products are sold in stores such as, Laundromutt, B.Y.O.D Dog Wash, Polka Dog Bakery and other stores around Massachusetts. 

Happy Shopping!

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Dog Running

Running The Pack offers a variety of services for animals of all ages and abilities. A Maximum of two dogs will be run at one time.

Dog Walking

Your dog's not able to run or just needs extra walking services? Running The Pack's staff are also available as dog walkers.

Pet Sitting

While you are away, Running The Pack offers pet sitting services so that you can feel safe & secure that your beloved pet is with a pet professional.

New Puppy Sessions

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Jill, the owner, has great instincts in hiring people… We boarded our dog with her several times while we were away.  He didn’t want to come home!!
Cora J.